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Crude Oil


Liquid Asphalt has been the backbone to EH Transport’s success since we introduced the product to our service line in 2008.  From the start, we initiated the team oriented great attitude atmosphere with well-trained dedicated team drivers and managers that are committed to safety, reliable equipment and service maintenance streamlining all the way through to the customer.  We believe in our customers and their strong demand for timely, qualified and accountable services.  While keeping our integrity in tact, we will continue to thrive in our ever changing and dynamic industry improving our value and loyalty with our customers for years to come.


EH Transport’s Crude Team are well-trained dedicated seasoned team drivers and managers that are committed to safety, reliable equipment, service maintenance and spill prevention.  We know how important safety, paper work and spills are to our customers and we make it our top priority by insuring experienced drivers are well equipped and highly trained with schedules that prevent driver’s fatigue and continued education in utilizing API safety and testing standards.


The Chemical industry brings a broad array of products to the market.  At EH Transport, we have accepted the challenge of taking on various products in order to provide a well diverse service for our customers.  We have the resources to acquire and fabricate trailers in a quick and effective manner based on your product specification.  Beyond extensive training and continued education, we have equipped our trucks and drivers to handle many setups industry wide.



With the transportation of industrial gas comes a great sensitivity to additional safety and care.  Our cryogenic's team are well focused and experienced drivers that remain flexible in order to meet our customer's demand.  We are here for any occurrence offering dependable and quality service throughout.  With the capabilities to add a diverse range of cryogenic trailers to our fleet and an expectation that surpasses most, we are positioning ourselves in becoming an industry respected name.

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